Click each issue for more information about Sarah Peters’ views and ideas on these important issues facing the Nevada State Assembly.


We are dealing with vast and quickly-changing environmental challenges. To make matters worse, the Trump Administration is rolling back protections for our food, air, and water. Find out more about how Sarah’s background and expertise make her the best candidate for Nevada Assembly District 24 to protect our Environment

Supporting Working Families

Sarah is focused on ways that we can support working families. These include raising the minimum wage, strengthening the ability of Nevada small businesses to compete for state and local contracts, and more career and technical education.  Find out more about Sarah’s plans for Supporting Working Families


We must address the continued shortfalls for our public education systems. These include funding shortfalls, lack of enough qualified teachers, and far too many tests and just some of the issues we need to address. Find out more about Sarah’s plans for improving Education at the Nevada State Assembly

Gun Control

We need to rethink our gun laws. Common-sense regulations are long-past due to keep our community safe. It is unfathomable that universal background checks are still not in place, despite a majority vote of our state. Find out more about Gun Control

Housing Costs

We must enable cities to enact rent controls, and find ways to incentivize the building of more affordable housing, for instance through an impact fee on luxury home construction, to fund an affordable housing infrastructure bank. Find out more about Housing Costs


We must fight a dismantling of the good and valuable parts of Obamacare by the Trump Administration, and continue to push for improvements that will make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Find out more about Sarah’s plans to improve Healthcare


As a professional woman in a STEM field, Sarah has faced gender equality issues personally and head on. She will continue to fight for women’s rights, and continue to be an ally to those facing all other types of discrimination. Find out more about Equality


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