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Environment Issues facing Nevada State Assembly District 24Read an Op-Ed I wrote for the Reno Gazette-Journal that has even more in-depth information.

We are dealing with vast and quickly-changing environmental challenges. If we are not on the cutting edge of managing the climate crisis, the cost to our state and communities will continue to be devastating and increasingly out of our control.

To make matters worse, the Trump Administration is focused on rolling back many of the very environmental protections that have kept us safe for decades, like the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, the Environmental Protection Agency as a whole, and all of the good work of the Obama Administration and other world powers on renewable energy development and The Paris Agreement.

We must pass legislation at the state level to keep our food, air, and water safe, and keep moving forward on renewable energy. What that legislation is must depend in part on the actions of the Trump Administration over the coming months. We must stay vigilant to what is done (or undone) and make smart decisions based on both science and practicality. With limited time in Nevada’s legislative session, and so much coming out of Washington, we need elected leaders who can decipher what must be fought tooth and nail, and what is merely bluster with little practical ramifications.

This is Sarah’s background and training. She works with local, Tribal, state and federal governments on toxic waste (Superfund) site management, and monitoring; regulatory issues; planning and technical support including cost control; and general environmental consulting.

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