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Gun Control

Matt and Sarah Peters Gun Control NVAD24We need to rethink our gun laws. Common-sense regulations are long-past due to keep our community safe. It is unfathomable that universal background checks are still not in place, despite a majority vote of our state. We can update our firearm laws and strengthen public safety, and still honor our outdoor heritage. Sarah grew up hunting and fishing for food in Northern Nevada. She understands the utility of firearms, and is a pretty good shot herself. Her husband, a former Marine with three combat tours in Iraq, is a very good shot. Both, however, agree that controls and limitation are necessary to keep tools safe (common sense rules modeled on things like drivers ed and OSHA), keeping in mind the responsible application of firearms for civilians.

Some specific things that Sarah and Matt support, and that Sarah will work to achieve, if elected to represent Nevada Assembly District 24, include implementation of universal background checks, essentially banning civilian ownership of military-style weapons like the AR-15, and banning accessories like bump stocks. Both Sarah and Matt think teachers should be armed with supplies, not firearms, and do not support any efforts to bring more guns into our schools.

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