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Voter Information

Election day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Below is an overview of how voting will work for this election. Detailed, official information from our local election officials can be found on this website.

Mail-In Voting:
All active, registered voters should receive a ballot in the mail that can be returned by mail or by dropping it off in person.

Mail-in Ballot Drop Off:
You may drop it off at the Registrar’s office in the county complex at 1001 E Ninth St. during normal business hours, or at any Election Day poll location. Click here for that information.

Mail-in ballot mailing information:
Postage is prepaid; you do not need a stamp. You DO need to have your ballot postmarked by Tuesday, November3, and it must be received no later than seven days after the election. If you did not receive a mail-in ballot or have any issues with your ballot, you will need to go to one of the in-person polling locations on Tuesday, November 3.

In-Person Voting
You may also choose to vote in-person on Election Day. If you choose to vote in person, please bring your mail-in ballot (not filled out) with you to vote in-person to surrender it at that time. You can still cast a ballot in-person if you’ve lost your mail ballot, but it’s better if you have it to turn in at that time.

Early Voting and Election Day
Early Vote is now complete. Election Day is November 3. Here is a list of Election Day voting locations and hours.

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